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Head Instructor Daryl Yeo


Head Instructor Daryl Yeo started learning martial art at the age of 13 where he started with Taekwondo. After attaining the black belt, he continued to pursue his martial art quest by learning Muay Thai (Thai boxing). In 2008, he met his Sifu Chua Kah Joo and from then, he knew that Wing Chun was the perfect martial art for him. Daryl has attained Champion in the local Wing Chun Competition organized by Sifu Chua in 2011 and has proven himself to be the only Lineage Holder (Successor) of Sifu Chua. Daryl has dedicated himself to teaching anyone who is interested in Wing Chun and is keen on helping every student achieve their maximum potential.



Special thanks to

 - Michael Goutama 


Michael Goutama have greatly assisted Daryl in the early days towards growing the School.

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