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Channel 8 Interviews

10月29日- 咏春拳是以一打十的功夫武术,还是所谓的“女人拳”?叶问第四代弟子杨丰荣在影片中给你解答!


10月28日- 叶问第四代弟子杨丰荣:学会避开冲突但渴望以一打十

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10月27日- 文化飨宴艺晚晴艺术表演工作坊 展示华族传统文化

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Zaobao Interview

10月28日 - 今年“文化飨宴艺晚晴” 展现本地文化融合特色

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The New Paper Interview

30 October - Movies spur him to take up martial arts 

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23 April - A Wing Chun Master's Story

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24 November - To Master The Art Of Wing Chun, Is To Find The Right Master

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