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Daryl Yeo Wing Chun (DYWC) welcomes students anytime and we are more than happy to accept new members into our Singapore Wing Chun family.




Q1: What happens if I am unable to attend 4 sessions/month? (I.e Emergency/holiday/sick)

- Students can choose to make up their missed class at any other locations within the same month.

- Students can opt for the Ad-hoc basis payment for that particular month. Students are required to pay only for the sessions they attend. Ad-hoc classes are $40/1.5hr group session.

Q2: Am I only entitled to a fixed training location weekly?

- No. Students are free to choose any locations of classes within the month so long as they fulfill their minimum of 4 sessions per month.

Q3: is there any trial class?

-Yes. Interested participants can have a 1.5 hr trial class at a rate of $40.

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